I love craft. I’m not an artist, just enjoy making things. Knitting (actually the first thing I’ve learnt years ago), crocheting, macramé, baking, sewing (not my strongest side, learning in progress), decoupage, even attempted furniture restoration (another learning in progress although I have some better understanding of that one thanks to my archaeology degree :D). I’ve always wanted to learn to draw and really admire people who can make beautiful pottery items. And let’s not forget photography –  sepia and black and white especially close to my heart.

Sometimes my things are pretty, and sometimes they’re… not.

I love stashing crafting materials. I suspect I’m addicted to it, but I don’t believe there is any self-respected crafter (not to mention artists) out there who isn’t. The smell of a new ball of yarn can only be beaten by the fragrance of a new…book (book piling is frankly my greatest guilty pleasure and I know now that is has been inherited by my elder daughter). I could be given a new box of crayons or paints on any occasion (although this is rarely remembered these days) and excuse myself on buying an additional crochet hook or a pile of scrap fabric way too often.

After much deliberation, I have decided to stick to my crocheting and knitting (and photographing whatever I fancy) although often I can’t stop myself from wandering off elsewhere (often  quickly coming back weeping!)

Craft is fun. Craft is good. Craft is an escape. BUT… Do you sometimes wonder of its environmental impact? I do. All the time.

How much water, plastic, fossil fuels, dye, chemical is used? What is actual waste? Do we need that much of those beautiful, shiny, yummy craft supplies? There are hundreds of thousands of cubic metres of acrylic yarn everywhere (even in grocery shops). How eco friendly is that? What about natural wool? Yes, its’s biodegradable but what about animals’ welfare? The dyeing processes? Water use? Fairtrade? Transportation and mileage? Salaries? Clear information on producers’ and suppliers’ websites (not too much unfortunately). So many questions and not many answers. Apart from one for sure – it’s complicated…

Hence this blog.

I am constantly trying to establish a reasonable balance amongst many things - my desire to create (which makes me incredibly happy), being true to myself, doing what I love and respecting the planet (I honestly don’t think that is all, but I will be adding as I go).

Big textile companies (especially – in my opinion -craft manufacturers and suppliers) don’t give many answers (unless these are the answers to the questions they are already asking themselves – greenwashing all the way unfortunately). It’s difficult to find out about yarn production process in full details. Do you wonder where your acrylic yarn is made? What is premium acrylic? Or what EXACTLY is recycled cotton? Pre-consumer? Post-consumer? And so-called virgin cotton? It it's made in EU, where exactly? 

What questions should we ask? Because we should ask them – that’s for sure!

Well, perhaps not too many at a time so - until next time!

P.S Ask away though! Let’s chat.


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