About me - Cheerful Crickets Craft

Crafting is an important part of human existence; it can be therapeutic and can bring people together but with it come responsibilities.


Cheerful Crickets Craft existed long before I officially announced its birth. Knitting and crocheting have been a part of my life since I remember and always gave me joy, happiness, and peace of mind. I have an academic background, spent a lot of time reading and studying humanities (which I carry on doing actually) but creating is what I enjoy most. It can be starting a process of making from scratches or giving objects a new life.

Nature and environment protection have a special place in my heart. I believe that we, crafters, are obliged to consider the origin and environmental and human impact of materials we use for creating all beautiful pieces. I carefully choose shops I buy from preferring local ones, making sure materials are responsibly made.

I pay close attention to the way I pack up my products. It may not be perfect, but my principle is reduce reuse recycle therefore I limit my packaging to minimum. You will not find any extra stickers, wrapping film, organza bags or plastic fillers in your parcel because I believe it’s all unnecessary and usually lands in the waste bin and that simply breaks my heart.

After years of pondering on craft’s impact on our planet, I am hoping for connecting with like-minded people (I do hope you’re out there) and considering writing a blog. Coming very soon.

Welcome to my journey...