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Crochet Ammonite Shell Basket

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A stylish decoration for your desk, bookshelf or next to your bed. Made of thick recycled cotton cord, available in various colours.


24cm x 21cm x 9cm

All sizes are approximate and may vary slightly due to the handmade nature and the features of the materials (recycled cotton cord); different colour cord thickness varies slightly so this results in the end product size variance. Please note this especially when ordering more than one product in different colours, the sizes may not be identical.

Colour availability

Generally all colour are available as my yarns are being restocked regularly.

If the colour of your choice is unavailable at the moment, I will immediately contact you to discuss options (possible longer waiting time or colour change).


Cotton cord which is 90% recycled cotton and 10% other fibres. Using recycled cotton is a more sustainable option as it reduces waste and uses less amount of water during the manufacturing process.


This product can be hand washed at 30’C.

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